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Terms & Conditions

By using Sally's Pooches, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

Dog Walking and Pet Visits Terms and Conditions


  • Dogs walked by Sally's Pooches must be sociable with other dogs, adults and children

  • We do not accept dogs that are aggressive or are a banned breed in the UK

  • All dogs must be microchipped and details up to date and provided on the booking form.

  • We cannot walk bitches whilst they are in season but can offer the pet visit service instead

  • Owner accepts full liability for any damage caused by their dog whilst been walked.

  • Sally's Pooches is not responsible for damage incurred by your dog escaping because of a faulty leash/collar or a collar that is not properly fitting.

  • Sally's Pooches reserves the right to cancel the walk at any time & with immediate effect if the dog does not respond well to the walker and/or other dogs.

  • Sally's Pooches reserves the right to cancel any bookings with immediate effect should we feel that your pet has not responded well to our service

  • Sally's Pooches will apply personal judgment and cut short a walk if necessary because of extreme weather conditions (ie, heat, thunderstorms, snow) for the safety of both the dogs and the walker.

  • Sally's Pooches will care for your pet as you would, and whilst we will make every effort to ensure your pet is well looked after in your absence, Sally's Pooches cannot be held liable for any loss, injury or death to a pet either inside or outside of the home whilst in our care.

  • When outside the premises all dogs must wear an identity tag with Sally’s Pooches detail on.

  • During your dogs stay or during walks your dog will be with other dogs. When signing below you are agreeing to this.

  • All pets should be up to date with all vaccinations, worm and flea treatment – photocopy of documents must be provided.

  • The client must provide all items necessary for your pet to be adequately cared for in the client’s absence.

  • Sally's Pooches cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by your pet to the owner's property (inside and out) for whatever reason

  • You will be liable for any damage your pet may cause to my goods or property.

  • Your dog will not be left any longer than 3 hours. ( my father lives with us which means your dog is very rarely left)

  • If your dog uses a crate we will require you to consent to the use of the crate on the booking form.

  • We make every effort to contact the owner in the event of an emergency. We recommend owners provide us with a contact number of a trusted third party should we be unable to make contact. However, Sally's Pooches reserve the right to make decisions regarding your pet’s health provided it is at all times acting in the best interests of your pet and on the advice of a veterinary surgeon. The owner is responsible for payment of any veterinary fees incurred by Sally's Pooches.

  • Sally’s pooches may use our own leads, halti harness, dual lead etc if required.

  • Muzzles; in the unlikely event that I have to take your dog to the vet, could you please advice how they are. Do they need to be muzzled so I can advice the vet accordingly before I get to the vets?

  • Sally's Pooches must be alerted to any behavioural problems with their pets at the time of booking. Failure to do so may result in cancellations of any future bookings.

  • Sally's Pooches will make adequate steps to ensure your home is safe and secure in your absence, however Sally's Pooches cannot be held responsible for any burglaries or accidents caused by your pet(s).

  • Sally's Pooches is insured for Public Liability, wherever possible pets should be insured by the client.

  • The Client will be responsible for providing or making available any keys required for the appointment, where applicable. Clients keys can be retained for future bookings or for our Emergency Call-Out Service where requested. Please note there is no charge for our key holding service. Your keys will be kept securely and separate from your contact information. And will NEVER be used for any other purposes, than those specified by client. 

  • Security alarms in client’s premises: It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that Sally's Pooches can enter the client’s home without setting off any intruder alarms.  Arrangements must be made prior to the booking if alarm codes need to be given. This must include clear instructions of how to turn off or disable an activated alarm. Sally's Pooches will ensure clients property is always left safe and secure.

  • Acceptance of our service is deemed an acceptance of our terms and conditions and an agreement to pay our fees on time. 

  • This agreement is valid for all future visits until a new agreement is signed. Sally's Pooches reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time, at its sole discretion; likewise, client may terminate this agreement at any time.

Please note a 50% deposit is required on booking and full payment on drop off

Deposits will not refunded if you need to cancel within 30 days before your booked period

Please be aware that if early collection is made during your booked period no part refund can be offered

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