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puppy inductions Grooms

Sally's Pooches is now offering puppy induction grooms, which are specifically designed to make sure your puppy's first grooms are a positive and happy experience.

Before we start we will allow your puppy to explore our groom room and garden, to ensure they are fully comfortable before we start the grooming process. 

Once your puppy is comfortable and settled in our garden we will begin to do our medical checks, by checking their: 

  • Eyes

  • Nose

  • Mouth

  • Ears 

  • Nails

  • Sanitary area’s 


We will also feel all over their little body, legs, feet, and nails, this will really help them to learn it’s all okay and get used to us touching them.

When all the medical checks have been completed, we will then give your puppy a gentle brush to allow them to get used to the brush, followed by having a bath with our luxury puppy shampoo that smells amazing, we also ensure that we are giving lots of cuddles and breaks in the garden along the way. After they have been shampooed, we will dry them on a slow and low heat. 

We ensure that your puppy will never be clipped on the first visit as it can be very scary and could put them off for any future grooms. This is due to the fact that they are experiencing new sounds, smells, people, and environments. 

It is really helpful if they then revisit within 2-4 weeks after so they do not forget the bond.

Contact us if you require any further information. 

Click Book Now to book in your Puppy Induction Groom.

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