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A Sensible Option

Everybody knows it’s a good idea to have your dog groomed regularly by a professional. With that in mind, you may wish to spread out the cost of your visits with a 12-month package.

The VIP Club Benefits

There are a number of benefits to joining the VIP club. Some of these include:

  • Prices are locked for the full 12 months - protecting you from the annual price rise on the 1st of January.

  • You are guaranteed appointments at times that suit you.

  • You can easily spread the cost of our services over 12 months.

  • VIP dogs are rarely matted therefore they will always have a pleasant visit here

  • Discounted grooming prices - 10% off.

  • Your dog always looks great.

  • Bow + spa add-on included for free!

  • Anyone can drop your dog off or pick it up for you!


Dogs who participate in The VIP Club quickly grow accustomed to their regular grooming routine. This makes them a delight for me to groom – and ensures your dog always looks great.

To join The VIP Club

In order to join The VIP club, you and your dog must meet the below criteria:

  • Your dog must be over 6 months old.

  • You keep your dog to the agreed grooming schedule which is appropriate for the amount of maintenance you do at home and the dog's coat type.

  • Agree to the monthly standing order.

Payment Details

  • Fees are paid by standing order on the 1st of every month.

  • We work out how much your annual grooming bill is and divide it by 12. You don't have to worry about a thing after that.

Arranging Appointments

  • We will schedule your appointments 12 months ahead and ensure that your dog gets the very best attention while visiting us.

  • If you cannot make an appointment (holiday, etc) just let us know and we'll move that appointment for you - all the others will stay the same.

  • If you cancel an appointment without giving 48 hours notice or you fail to show up for an appointment (known as a no-show) then you forfeit that month's VIP payment and will have to pay the adhoc price for a replacement appointment.

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